Anyone have an MMA blog?

If anyone here has a MMA blog or website that covers anything from news, analysis or any other sort of original commentary, let me know. I'm putting together a MMA weblog, so the more links the better.

If you don't have a blog or informative website and think you could produce one, go for it. TypePad and Blogger provide either really cheap or free websites than can actually be really great. Since MMA isn't covered much in the mainstream press, an online web presence is generally the best way to get info.

I'll interpret the silence as a resounding 'no.' Or as a resounding 'fuck off, dork.' Either way.

yeah, although since I have a website already I'm not all that frequent on the blog:

Check out (Hip Hop, politics, chess and martial arts) (Eddie Goldman)

Good shit. Thanks, Gumby.

"Or as a resounding 'fuck off, dork.' Either way."


At least you're cool about it :-)

the kid can read the silence got to hand him that.


MMA and Fighter Blogs!! Check it out!!