Anyone in Chicago Watching WEC Tonight?

Anyone know of any bars in Chicago showing the fights?

I'll be watching it but not at a tavern.

heres a link to places that usually show the fights but i would call to find out since its on vs most bars will turn it on if you ask them buffalo wild wings will for sure.tilted kilt shows almost all mma hope this helps.

Thanks mmachicago. I think I'm going to make a facebook group for people interested in watching MMA events in Chicago. I'm sure there's already one out there, so I'll do some searching first before I reinvent the wheel here. Even though I have friends who are into MMA, I feel hard pressed to find people who want to meet up and watch fights. Anyhow, thanks for the info!

Missing from that list:
Jimmy Green's in the South Loop.

sside maurice - Missing from that list:
Jimmy Green's in the South Loop.

Yeah I watched the Anderson/Sonnen fight there! I totally forgot about it (probably cuz I started drinking at 1pm that day!).

any hooters or tilted kilt. If you're not a city snob, head across the border to Northwest Indiana (the Region). Plenty of places to check out fights. Knockouts is a good place on Route 30. It's a bar/restaurant dedicated to MMA.

The LockDown Bar on Western ave. shows every UFC/WEC.

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