Anyone in Lancaster?

I just recently moved back to my hometown of Lancaster, and am interested in training. I trained a little on and off with Scott Sonnen when he was in the area a few years back, but know that he's off doing great things on the west coast.

If there isn't anything in Lancaster, I'd be willing to drive up to Reading. I think that there is supposed to be a BJJ school there, but the link is bad on the one webpage I found on this board.

I'm definitely a novice, but want to get with a low-ego school and learn as much as possible. So, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Berks County BJJ is

I dont know about BJJ but I know there is Judo in that area.

You can search for clubs in that area.

good luck

For BJJ (Gi) instruction, the nearest location to Lancaster (at least East, North and West) would be BCBJJ. The 2007 ADCC North American Men's Beginner Welterweight Amateur Open Champion trains at BCBJJ. Purples are lead instructors.

There is apparently a new addition of Berks County in Harrisburg. Also at Lancaster Family Martial Arts Center they have a small bjj class there.

Depends where at in Lancaster. is close to lancaster county. Not far from the city really.