Anyone in or by Montreal

I am going to Montreal for New Years Eve. Anyone train up there? I want to know who knows the area as far as clubs, strip clubs, gambling, etc.

Thank you.


Check into Gamma (BTT Canada) or Tristar for training, lot of good fighters at both.

For clubs, I would drop into one of those schools and ask them to send you somewhere. Montreal has everything you're looking for in terms of clubs. Classy and cool, dirty and cheap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Trance, Rave, Cocktail -- you name it, Montreal has it, and all within short metro (that's subway to you) distance.

Strip clubs? Chez Paree (downtown), SuperSexe (downtown) and Amazon (somewhat west of downtown) are the classier places (although Amazon's has this feature performer who's name I forget who does this insane deeeeldo show, so not all that classy while she's on :). If you're looking for something a little less date friendly, there are tonnes of contact strip joints where for $10 or so, you get to pretend you're blind and see your dancer in Braille.

For gambling, definitely go to the Casino. Watch out for the loan sharks -- rather famous for that.

Make it a point to go to Schwartz's on St. Laurent for smoked meat. For the record, it's meant to be ordered medium with a Cott's Black Cherry, an order of fries and a pickle. If you ask for pastrami, they'll roll their eyes at you and know you're a tourist. We don't like tourists taking up our limited seating at Schwartz's.

Have fun!


have fun

Montreal is one of the world's great cities.

Joe gave you a good run down.  Enjoy yourself and drop by Tristar if you get a chance.



Joe pretty much nailed it. Good dance clubs can be found around ste-catherine street and especially on st-laurent street.

after hours:

go to stereo or aria

strip clubs:

wanda's is OK, supersexe is fun but oversold, basically any of the places on ste. cath's will do fine... it's no longer worth it to go out of the city to solid gold or gran prix (if it is even still there).


lots of fun, definitely go there


try gibby's for steak, anyplace in vieux montreal for french-continental, and joe is correct RE: schwartz's

Casino de Montreal is a low rollers nightmare!!!!!

I lived in Montreal for 4 months. Check in with's TRISTAR. There are Plenty of good clubs and nice ass up there. I woulda stayed, but the cold weather was justa tad too much for my liking.


Happy Holidays to the rest of you !!!

If you have some previous Judo/Sambo experience, I recommend going to Shidokan Judo club. It's one of the best clubs in hemisphere.

Montreal has so many beautiful girls. I envy you your trip.