Anyone know about Dollamur & Tiffen Mats?

I'm looking at either getting Dollamur wrestling mats or Tiffen Tatami mats. Anyone have any thoughts on these? Thanks.

Oh yeah, they'll be used primarily for BJJ, but we will also have wrestling, Ishin Ryu and cardio/conditioning type classes as well.

doesn't seem like you can go wrong with dollamur

We use Dollumars ( I even have a 10x10 at home) and they are great. Very good quality throws are kinda rough on the 1.25'' mats but still can be done for sure. if your doing alot of Judo go with the 2'' but if Wrestling and Bjj ya can't go wrong with the 1.25''

I have 1.25" Tiffin mats at home. They're good for rolling, but I wouldn't want to be thrown hard on them. They don't seem to absorb as much shock as a wrestling mat.

Mike my school is 10 mins. from tiffen if there is anything i can do to help let me know

The 2" Dollamur/Swain Flexi-roll mats are excellent.

make the up front investment and get the dollamur. it costs more but your students and your body will thank you and appreciate a slick, fast, durable, and COMFORTABLE mat. if i went to a school that didn't invest properly in mats, i'd say fuck it, the guy better be broke and a mundial champ, because i'm not training on some puzzle mats otherwise.

tip: usually mats are reduced in price by a lot after a tournament or expo where they are used. call them and see what and if anything can be worked out.

you get what you pay for. i train on the 1.25" at my dojo and everyone loves it. i have the 2" at my home 'dojo' for rolling in my basement. a MILLION times better but for a school the 1.25 is cost effective and more than enough comfort and quality.

also, w/ the dollamur flexi-roll, cutting the mat is easy. right along a seam. i had to due to my basement. you are fine w/ the dollamur non flexi-roll, i'm sure. that's what the school i train at has.

Awesome! Thanks for the info guys. Sounds like Dollamur is the way to go.

The Judo class I attend uses the 2" Dollamur/Swain Flexi-roll mats and, they feel great to fall upon. They lay on concrete, without a sub floor, so it's even more impressive.


Aren't Tiffin and Dollamur basically the same exact mat but Dollamur is almost double the price? 

US Grappling just bought all new flexi-roll style mats from Tiffin, and they're fantastic. The customer service was also excellent. They were much easier to get information from than Dollamur/Swain, and the mats are the same, as far as I can tell.

I highly recommend giving Megan at Tiffin a call.

Dollamur Are great ! I got a 12x12 for home use! Never tried Tiffin

I bought the Dollamur 1.25". I wish I would have gotten the 2".

Search eBay for "Dollamur" and you'll find all my discounted in stock mats. Tommy Sams 800-520-7647

check out

they have Reevo mats that are 1.5" thick the price was a little better than dollamur. Shipping was also a lot cheaper