Anyone know how Hardy's arms are today?

What's the verdict???

not as bad as his ego

Sore as fuck?

1775Rock - not as bad as his ego


I'm curious as well. Same goes for Dwrall's MRI results.

lol, I don't know about his arm, but his ego took the most damage last night, could see it in his eyes after the first round, they told the tale. I got in way over my head and cant do a god damn thing against this guy

I'd guess full of whores

 Not great. Here's a pic:

Even his pet squirrel has sympathy pains:

dcase - I'd guess full of whores

for the win

They fell off. GSP will be suspended for 1 year for each arm. Hardy will be given a new life in the next avatar film.

Still fatigued. He threw 4 power punches last night. Not to mention the 20 jabs.