Anyone know how the rolls go between Gordon and Meregali?

Gordon is the king and he’s much bigger, but Meregali is such a proven winner and he’s been dedicated to no gi and he’s been training with Danaher and Gordon. Anyone know who is better behind closed doors?

Great question! I don’t know either but I recently saw a clip of New Wave training, I think it was in preparation for the recent FPI. The cameras were following Gordon getting ready to roll, and he asked who he was rolling with or looked at a list or something and said, “fuck, it’s Meregali.”


I think I saw that too. It showed Gordon and Nicholas rolling right? It was a 30 minute roll, and then Gordon rolled with another guy for 10 minutes right after. If I’m thinking of the same instance that you’re talking about. It would be cool if Nicholas could beat him. I have nothing against Gordon but Nicholas is smaller and if he’s on roids, he’s on a lot less of them. I don’t think there’s any reason to suspect Nicholas of using roids. So yeah, if the smaller guy who might be clean is even with or better than the King who is much bigger and on roids, then that’s a very cool thing. Nicholas just seems like a cool dude, too.

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Make no mistake - everyone in profession BJJ is on steroids


Have you heard the man speak?? Dude is a complete douche bag.


I’ve heard him talk some but not a lot, so maybe I didn’t capture it. In what way is he a d-bag?

God complex … I mean I sort of get it when trying to be the best ever, but my god, why not try to be like Marcelo.


I love the fact that Meregali won world championships at every belt, including black, with Mario Reis, who he started with in his early teens, and now his continued success is because of Danaher. Get the fuck outta here! Meragali us with Danaher for one reason only, to ride the Gordon train. By attaching himself to Gordon he’s banking on sharing the spotlight.

Really fucking gay if you ask me.

ps: if anyone says “at least he’s getting paid” you’re a fag too.

Mark my words, it’s only a matter of time before Meragali leaves New Wave and becomes Gordon’s biggest rival.


Seems like a total dipshit too.

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I stand corrected. Not very likeable in that post-match interview. Just pouring on the douche there.

Yeah, they both have huge egos. If Meregali is beating Gordon in training and is confident he’s better, I can’t imagine that, with his huge ego, he won’t want to step out in front of Gordon and get credit for being the best.

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Meregali himself gives credit to Danaher, because Danaher’s trainings are amazing and he is improving a lot.
And sure, Reis’ work played a huge part in the overall story as well; I don’t think anyone is denying that.

But it is no surprise that working with the person who’s likely the best coach in the business makes a difference; and it is no surprise that someone as experienced as Meregali recognizes that difference.

It is highly likely Meregali wouldn’t have improved in the no gi as much as he has with any other coach. He knows what was going on when he just started out with the New Wave, and knows just how much better he’s doing now. In pretty much every aspect of the game.

I don’t know what he’s like usually; here he comes across very well, though

He has said that he’d literally never trained no gi before he decided to focus on it recently.

What happened with Meregali and Reis? I heard they had a falling out but never heard about when and why it happened