anyone know Nathan Pauliuck??

other than the regina boys. he left regina months ago and dropped off the face of the planet. nobody has heard from him since he left

Yeah I know him... from when I trained in Regina back in '02. Really nice guy.


I think he is living in Ottawa now, I am pretty sure I met him a few weeks ago. He seemed to be doing well, if I meet him again do you want me to pass on a message?


im stoked to hear he is still alive. tell him Quinn and the rest of the guys from Regina BJJ say hi. he needs to drop a line at least. thanx for your help


Not sure if I will see him again but if I do I will let him know.


thanks a lot you know if he is still training? seriously the guy just dropped off the face of the planet.

He was talking about starting to train again but he is working a lot.

i hope quinn drops off the face of the planet. suckah

i hope moemar visits babybunny pretty soon...shut yo mouf

Just an update.  He was in last night.  He is living in Ottawa and doing well. Just started training again.


Ronin MMA

Tell him he better pick it up because me and Quinn-fight jiu jitsu here are gonna choke him out next time he comes out.

But seriously, say Jordan says hi and he should come back out to his hometown sometime soon. Also ask if he has anymore dragon ball z tattoo's HA

NATHAN!!!!!!!! if possible tell him to mma mail me.

Oh, and tell him he's a putz.........Hopefully he hasn't been flexing for all you guys yet! lol

I met him this week, I must say, these posts are troubling! lol

Hey all It's Nathan. I'm back to training and doing well. If you wanna talk o me call 613 421-6335.

dear god man, i thought you dropped off the face of the earth. i was in ottawa in november and had no idea how to get ahold of you. glad to hear you are trainiing again, get your ass back here!!!

Quinn Talk to me tonight if you can Or I call you next week. Life's been crazy I talked to A.J. so ask him how I'm doin or we can msn l8r. As for my ass gettin back there.... not unless you have another Umc fight set up. I'll have to save up some $$$$.

holy crap Nathan, your finally on. wow. How's training going?

nathan check you mma mail i sent you a line

Good talking to you again Nate. Call me or jeff or quinn anytime man.

By the way, Quinn stop being a dick and call Nathan.