anyone know of this??

I was at a point karate tournament today (in Calgary) and was talking to Gil Lafantasie (sp) and he said he had a 3x world JJ champ training out of there.... Now has anyone heard of this or know who it is?

Also training out of his school is Guro Dan Rutano if that helps.

Not that its a big deal. Just curious if its a sales pitch or fact.

OH! and Congrats to Arashi-do for holding a well run tournament when it just about ended up being canceled.

I don't know anything about that. But that's normal... nobody tells me anything.

Too bad you didn't get a name.

I'm not saying he is lying..... I'm just asking. Because it seems to be a huge deal on here when someone gets the BB in BJJ (as it should) so I figured if there was a 3x world champ it would be known as well.

Thats why I'm asking.

As far as the snake gear... I havn't seen him spar in years and when I was training with him he didn't have it (4-5 yrs ago)

Well he said that this guy was training out of his school. Where would you be coming from?

double post

maybe its not bjj but another jiu-jitsu style. or the titles aren't from cbjjo or cbj.

I'm not completely sure, but I think Alex Roque(Sasci)teaches out of his Dojo, and he has the incomparable Esfiha, who I believe IS a multi time world champ, dropping in fairly regularly. I believe this might be what he's talking about.

Thanks for the compliment on the tourney Sauce, Poor Mike was about as stressed out as I've ever seen him. Those yahoos at Rundle college are complete morons for screwing up the times like that. It was really cool to see how everyone pitched in to help out and get set up.


in Calgary, right behind the old Ikea.
Did you train with him?

I have been ask to post a little info on this subject. Estokada Kali Guro Daiel Rutanos family system is being taught at the Dragons Den Martial Arts Centre in Calgary four days a week. The Instructors are Guro Wayne Loftus and Guro Robert Sison. Please drop by for a free class and check out

Sensei Gary, Thanks for clearing that up. I was just curious why no one knew on this. It could have also been a miscommunication problem on my/his part.

As far as the tournament. WOW Sensei Mike was looking not to pleased but everything got rolling and everyone helped out. (including my students as I made them. lol)

buch05>> thanks for the info.

Nope, training with Arashi-do, Trevor Smandych (who has a fight on the weekend in England KICK SOME ASS BUDDY!) and just about to start up with Canuckles again.