anyone order 101 submission for so how is it..and how was the service and shipping? thanx

I have it... I got it a few days after ordering... It is a great DVD with some great submission footage... the soundtrack is a little to "gangster" for me though...

Too gangster? Don't be a playa hata!

It's pretty damn good.

Order more stuff like that at

i like marc laimons stuff

I got mine from sherdog which was real quick. I like, some of the slow motion replays are bit too long and overall the music goes from good to shit. But I don't regret buying it and enjoy it everytime I watch it, though sometimes I skip the longer slow mo replays.

I would have ordered it. Not anymore. I payed for an OTM video a while ago. It was OK. When I plugged their site (thread) and said the video was pretty good, people talked about a "special" ending. My video tape had no special ending.

I complained(on the thread). Some guy named Scotty said he'd send it to me and asked for my email. Scotty lied to me pretty much. I emailed the guy twice, and nothing, no response. I didnt want free shit, just what everyone else got.

I have made threads supporting OTM in the past. Never again.

*hint* When you guys make a video/dvd, make them all the same! That way you wont piss anyone off! *hint*

Too late for me, Im already pissed.

I advise all of my freinds, to beware of OTM's shady video practices.

I guess you can't please everyone (see idiot above) It's a very cool DVD, soundtrack is pretty good too

lol, atleast you recognised I posted Jimmy.

sorry man, all I'm saying is I highly doubt the web site that provides the most free footage of submission grappling on the net is in the business of ripping people off. I'm sure Gumby, who is one of the people who runs the site and a moderator here will come on sooner or later to address it. I don't know Scotty but I do know that those guys at recieve a shit load of email each day, much of it spam that they have to delete, and I'm willing to bet your correspondance with him was simply lost in the shuffle and that he didn't purposely blow you off.

On the mat has always provided excellent service to me. Did you not get what you paid for? You got the video. What a cry baby.

So you wanted the whore-house scenes? Just fast forward.

OTM has excellent service and produces quality product.

Bitching because you don't know the basic functions of a VCR is comical.

Do a search for "porn" and feel vindicated.

Chances are Gumby & Scotty were laughing too hard to respond.

Koma, my tape had nothing of the sort. I FFW'd until the end.

"Bitching because you don't know the basic functions of a VCR is comical. "

Lol at the assumption.

Rip me a new one, Im signing off. I might reply tomorrow.

Please go to and search for "Brazilian Whore House"

Either that or go to Wal-Mart and buy "My First VCR".

You got what you paid for. Stop whining.

OTM is one of the best.

Actually, there was an issue with one batch of Dengue Fever which
didn't have the "secret footage" attached because of a screw up at the
duplication house. We didn't catch that for awhile. Anyone that
complained to us we replaced the tape. LOL, there's a lot of folks out
there who have the "full" version of the tape who've probably never
seen it. I guess that's why it's a bonus!

And Spam! I get Spam in my box in SEVEN different languages!
Neither of us are on the message boards as often as people think. Best
way to get ahold of us is to grab us in person (we're at a lot of different
events). Barring that e-mail us at either or and if we don't repsond it's completly possible
our wonky e-mail system ate it. But we do respond to whatever e-
mails we get. Heck, even if we don't like you, we'll give you some sort
of response telling you so.



Please drop me an e-mail @ If you tried and I
didn't get it, please cc