Anyone see Frederickson vs Ouimet?

has anyone seen the fight and if anyone has do they have a copy of it? It was a split dec. so the fight must have been close or was it a "joslined" dec. I think a rematch is imminent and should happen considering Ouimet has walked thru Goulet twice and Frederickson has established himself with some impressive victories. Any help would be appriciated.

By all accounts it wasn't a "joslining". Pretty much anyone I spoke to from east or west said that the decision could have gone either way and that a draw was probably most appropriate.

A rematch should be immediate, I feel Fredrickson doesn't need to do anymore to earn it. He made quick work of Mercado in Guam, but I have a feeling he won't get the immediate rematch he deserves.


It was a draw from what i saw.

It's clear that Fredericson won!

I thought fredrickson won, but it was close.

I saw it live and from what I saw, it was very close fight, but I felt the decision was fair.

By sounds of it, it was close. A remtch should happen.

I was there live. I thought Fredriction won ,but it was close. Tough to win not in your home town without a knock-out or sub.

I was there as well...from my recollection, the fight was very close but the decision was fair.

I have yet to see the fight again, so I may be incorrect. There is a difference seeing a fight live, right in front of you versus the beauty of seeing the fight anytime when it's on video/dvd.

I'm kind of tired hearing about hometown decisions, everytime a fighter from Quebec wins a decision, the rest of Canada is talking about hometown decision and TKO judges bullshit...Once again the judges are from the athletic commission and they have nothing to gain in all that.

This is why fights are now three rounds minimum, so it's easier to judge. I agree that in the case of Joslin/Goulet it was a bad decision from what i saw, but it was a close fight. It has nothing to do with the fact that it was in Quebec, it has to do with the fact that the judges are boxing judges and are still new to MMA.

My two cents

A little something on Quebec judging, Ontario Athletic Commission....and other stuff.

It was close, but Blake won the fight in my opinion. I have a copy of it if you would like it. Give me your address and I'll mail you a burnt DVD of it.