Anyone see Pellegrino/Tavares?

Lightweights: Kurt Pellegrino (18-4) def. Thiago Tavares (17-3)

How: Unanimous decision on scores of 29-27, 29-27 and 29-28
Yahoo! Sports scores: Dave Meltzer and Kevin Iole each had it 29-27 for Pellegrino

Turning point: Pellegrino hurt Tavares early, stunning him with a punch and followed with two first round knockdowns and a ground-and- pound that would have finished most fighters. Tavares, who was bleeding badly from the left eye and ear, survived the round.

Analysis: In the second round, Tavares was on top most of the round but Pellegrino got an armbar and Tavares tapped, but ref Yves Lavigne missed it. Pellegrino didn’t know it either and said Tavares escaped the move rather than him letting go. In the third round, Tavares’ takedown attempts were stuffed by Pellegrino who got on top to win the round. Pellegrino’s improved striking combined with the wrestling he’s always had strengthens his standing in a deep lightweight division. The best match so far in the show. – Dave Meltzer

I'd like to see the armbar. I assume it's on

Tavares was on the second tap and his arm came loose so he kept fighting.

Tavares is one of those guys that rocketed to the top of a lot of people's lists but has really fallen off quickly. Batman's tough, and Wiman is too...but this guy was expected to be the next BJ Penn less than a year ago.

 look like he tapped then Pellegrino then let go of the hold cause he thought he did.

Lets see a GIF

Tavares tapped twice but the Armbar didn't seem to be in anyway. Good job from lavigne who followed the action closely.

tavares is the new vitor IMO- all the potential in the world, but seems to lack mental toughness and focus