Anyone train at a Parisi Speed Sch

Just wanting to get some feedback on Parisi Speed Schools. What do you like/dislike? Is the cost worth what you get? Etc. Thanks and please post to help me keep this up.


If you are looking to be elite and you have access to it, there is no better
place. They got my cardio and general conditioning to a level I thought I
would never be at. They did a DVD set with Renzo that you might want to
check out.

Anybody else have input?

Jiffy Jeff,

It depends who you actually train with more than where you train. Martin Rooney (from Parisi) seems to be well respected in the field. I have his DVDs and they are pretty good. My friend and classmate, Brandon Marcello, who was with Mark Verstegen first in Florida and then in Tempe at Athlete' Performance (he was his right hand man before he left) also seemed to hear that Martin Rooney was a good knowledgeable trainer. So if you get a chance to train with him, I probably would. However, remember when you use a name brand company like Parisi you might be paying a little more (but it may be worth it). Brandon just finished up his PhD and I will have mine in 3-4 months in Exercise, Nutrition and Preventive health with an emphasis in sports nutrition. My masters is in physical therapy and I have 4 certifcations related to strength/conditioning. I know that this might come off as I am trying to build us up, but please believe me that is not my intention. I just say this because there are people like Brandon and myself to a much lesser extent who train athletes more "privately" (i.e. less corporate) and in some cases are better trainers than ones at the well known places. In other words, they aren't losing a significant % of their money to a certain facility for using their space/name. I would also chose someone with a solid educational background in both exercise/performance and nutrition (not just certifications - certs are great, but not an end all by any stretch). Trust me when I say this that there are many "professional" trainers that think they know how to train athletes or give legitimate nutritional advice but they really don't. Again, IMO I would chose the individual not the facility.

Take care


Thanks, Paul and DaCrusher. Does anybody else who has trained at Parisi have any comments as to likes/dislikes, value, or if they thought the program itself was good? Anybody who has trained there have negative comments? Thanks.

Martin is great. Enough said.
Adam Singer

What about the other locations though? They are a franchise and I am trying to see if they are able to spread the level of excellence found at their flagship location to their franchise locations. Anybody involved with or train at one of their franchise locations? They market themselves as being a great place for kids who are not great athletes to come and train and build their confidence. Do you think they come through on this promise? I do appreciate all the feedback so far. It has been very helpful.