Anyone train at Boston Muay Thai?

Just wanted to get some feedback on the trainers there. Any information would be appreciated.



I've never trained there, but I've seen some of their fighters and was
impressed by their technique

"Why the hell would you train there when you could train at Sityodtong?"

I would love to train at Sityodtong, but they dont offer classes that fit my schedule. I need beginner classes and Boston Muay Thai has both morning and evening classes all week. There are no other options in the area.

A option for you would be to arrange personal training with the assistant instructors at Sityodtong. I'm sure somebody will accomidate your schedule and needs. Just stop by and meet the trainers.

Yeah dude. Sityodtong Boston guys are bad ass! Yod Mark and his student, Neil, visited our gym in Cali (Sityodtong West Coast). Awesome!

go to sityodtong

You can check out this new school that just opened in Allston.

Thanks Link! Does anyone know who the instructor is?


Thanks for the info wizzleteats!

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