Anyone train at OctagonMMA in Dallas?

I see Bruno Bastos is the instructor there for BJJ. Does he teach purely sport-oriented BJJ, or does he have a self-defense element throughout, or just for beginners?

In light of all the Rener Gracie stuff from last month I have to ask: Would Bastos ever teach a headlock escape at any point?

I'm curios since Bastos is Nova Uniao, and one of the UN founders comes from the non-Gracie BJJ line.

Not positive, but yeah, I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how to how to escape a headlock.

It's sad, with these Sport BJJ / MMA guys; you put them in a headlock and they are clueless.

Easiest way to tap elite BJJers or MMA fighters, IMO.

What Shen said..

I've trained w/ Bruno and rolled with him. For being elite level black belt who recently got 3rd in his weight and 3rd in absolute at nogi'd think he knows how to escape a headlock.....

funny thing is, that if theyread this, they won't sense the sarcasm

shen, you're a marked man.

I have not trained with Bruno but my student has and talked very highly of his teaching ability. Also, Cyborg mentioned that he would be one of the best guys to train with in this region.

I also would like to suggest Genesis BJJ which is an awesome gym with a lot of great energy now.

Roli Delgado

Empire - funny thing is, that if theyread this, they won't sense the sarcasm

shen, you're a marked man.

So, I'll just headlock them.

Of course he knows how to get out of a headlock. I'm not trying to restart the ridiculous "pure jiu jitsu" BS arguments. I'm just asking if Bastos makes reference to avoiding strikes or other self defense-oriented teaching.

Is there anything unorthodox Bastos does that is a result of the Nova Uniao co-founder Wendell Alexander, who comes from the non-gracie line through Oswaldo Fadda back to Maeda?

 respected forum member Hodney teaches there as well.