Anyone train in Krabi Krabong?

Has anyone trained in this art? From what little I have read, it is the pre-cursor to Thai boxing.

If you dont get an answer on this forum, check on Kickboxing q and a. forum member Pahuyuth has lived and trained in SE Asia and is high ranked in several different schools of Krabi Krabong.

Thanks for the info!

Although my KK is not that good, i had the opportunity to train at the Buddhaisawan school in Thailand a few years ago. The training really helped me to integrate kicks while fighting with weapons. Check out the web site Also during my last trip to thailand i saw a movie titled Sema the Ayodhya Warrior which featured alot of KK although i'm not sure if you'll be able to find it stateside.

I'm at uni at the mo, but when i go home (odd weekends/ between terms) my local martial art school (muay Thai mainly) teaches krabi krabong. I've only practiced with the sword and staff, and a couple of knife defence's. I personally find it really interesting, but it doesn't seem to get much turnout ( a lot of the people who train there just go for the muay Thai - competitively.

Although they style in which you turn seems quite strange...

The DB KK tape is not that new (1-2 yrs old?)... but I thought it was one of the most instructional tapes they have put out.

The DB tape is really good. Ajarn Arlan has a gold sash rank from the BuddhaiSawan Sword fighting academy in Thailand. The drills on the tape come straight from the source.