Anyone wanna jump in my ring? :)

Just a heads up for anyone in Brisvegas or Gold Coast.

Finally we have erected our ring at Team Xtreme. Appart from it's utilisation for classes we are also happy to offer its hire for hourly's etc... for private groups.

It is a full size 6x6m ring as used in XFC events and it is schmick! The ring has jigsaws under the canvas and is not a floor ring as per bulk of gyms you see, it is actually exactly what you'd see used at the fights.

With LIMA back in Australia we will be recommencing BJJ classes on tuesday next week.

Any inquiries

justin @ (removed spaces too prevent spam)


I'm guessing thats not the first time you have asked that question. LOL

im heading down your way on monday, not sure if ill have time for a visit, but ya never know :)

I think romo overtones and mma go hand in hand.

Would love to have ya here Frank, hope all is well up there mate. When we gonna see ya in XFC? Either MMA or XMT.


The end of the year!! 65kgs......

Nah fuckit make that u-70 as im a fat fuck now!

enormous franky

Jeez thanks chris, you know i have a weight problem, now im gonna have to eat some more twinkys to make me feel better :)

twinkies..yummmyy.. mini or reg size? you got my taste buds going