Anyone Watch Mexican Martial Arts on Youtube?

Its a funny cholo dude that does UFC reviews. Never see anyone mention him. Guy always cracks me up and Im afraid he’ll quit making videos.

Like he said Porier kept looking at his corner when Khabib was on him and you cant be looking for advice, you got to be in the flow state! And Vettori is also an asshole so he was rooting for Adesanya to win, so he could eventually lose to someone like Whittaker, but when he saw Adesanya’s face in the cage he said fuck that I want him to lose now!

Guys hilarious!


Daniel Comay. Let’s get him on the forum. We can replace terrible posters like The Lion King etc


I don’t mind him in small doses.

He’s a little obnoxious for my taste sometimes

Yes, I’m great fun at parties, thanks for asking

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Lol at calling him flaco

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He’s one I always watch. Good call out yo!



I was surprised to hear him speak normally. He’s a good actor

Dudes videos are always entertaining

Where you at mexican martial arts! Dont be scared homie.

I do not regularly watch his videos but I have run across them when doing random searches. From what I have seen, the dude is hilarious.

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