Anyone watching K1? Ubereem is about to fight

Live on HDNet right now. Let's see if any shenanigans ruin his Strikeforce title defence against Rogers.

Yes. (:

Bret Rogers is in for serious trouble.

 Wasn't that move illegal now?

I felt that impact ... Wowzer. Need a gif of that eh.

Card -  Wasn't that move illegal now?

Not sure when the clinch rules take effect. Or, exactly what they are actually. :/ (if that is what you're speaking of)

K-1 is adding a "no strikes from the clinch" rule later this year. It was announced in March, but is not in effect tonight.

 ah cool ^ thanks.

Card -  ah cool ^ thanks.

if you noticed, the ref warned him once for it in the middle of the fight

thats what they're doing to get guys used to it before its official


What was the le banner result ?

How did hari do ?

Le Banner won a dec and Hari hasn't fought yet

Badr coming up!


Any vids ?

brahmabull81 - 

Le Banner looked like he was enjoying himself out there tonight. Looked pretty good. Great first round.

Yeah, he faded pretty quick after the first, but still looked suprisingly good .


Aerts coming in under 215 pounds. He's ripped.

Kyotaro takes it to Aerts at the end of the 1st, landing, dropping Aerts. :(

holy shit, kyotaro smoked him

And Kyotaro finishes Aerts by KO in the 2nd.