ANyone watching UFC FIGHTNITE???!!

on SPIKE channel now :) will be nice tosee ANderson lose tho lol

Thanks, just popped it on. Already seen this one two or so times but ah well, better than Rutgers vs Pitt.

lol yeah i was trying to peek at the game a lil while watching SMackDown...couldnt get into it :)

turn it back on gonna be a good finish haha

damn nevermind haha

its no plm man least pitt won :) i changed it around when the score was 10-7 and pitt was up .

oh, youre a pitt fan.


lol ...actually no but i am a PennState/Notre Dame fan tho...but i actually like the improvement of Rutgers with Schiano since his overnite IMPACT on the football program a couple of years ago tho :)