Anyone with info on HGH?

Just wonering if anyone has some insight or personal experence with Human Growth Hormone - HGH. Is it effective? How does it compare to other supplements like Creatin? Recomended for MMA training?

you might wanna post this at the strength & conditioning forum, but for the most part, you'll get negative info.


the only thing you need to know about growth harmone is stay the hell away from it!

From stuff I have read, muscle growth from HGH is good, but you end up with a person who is big, but weak for their size. With steroids, on the other hand, you tend to have a parallel growth between size and strength.

Side effects from HGH include acromegaly(various parts of your body grow out of proportion--hands, feet, ears, jaw widens creating spaces between teeth), and can also cause growth of organs, resulting in the shredded six pack stretched over a watermelon look, like pro bodybuilders.

I used to GM a Golds Gym and a PowerHouse gym back in the day. I have to say that anything taken in moderation and taken CORRECTLY under the care of a physician with knowlage of the bodybuilding scene will most likely produce good results with minimum negative effects.

That being said, in all my experience (which is quite a bit) I really can't think of anyone off the top of my head who DIDNT get cuaght up in it and wind up overdoing it after a while. also, good luck on finding legit sources for your stuff with people you can trust and be consistent. even if you have all that covered... and even saying you read alot about it... I'd still bet a million dollars you have no real idea what your doing

"" You just asked how does it compare to creatine? Wow bro do some research""

"' yeah, lets compare a hormone to an amino acid...""

I understsnd that HGH and creatin are different, I was talking about similarites in performance inhancment. I plan to do my own research, just wondering what info. you guys had to offer.

Thanks for all the opinions and experence.


be warned you will turn into giant silva if you take hgh




maybe the guy meant that Pro-HGH stuff that you can buy at GNC. That's why he was comparing it to Creatine.

If that is what you mean, I would go with the Creatine cause that Pro HGH stuff doesn't work for shit.

Creatine is way superior to HGH

Dont waste your money on overpriced HGH