Anyone Worried Ed WIll Lose ?

He is my fav to will all of this, him and Rory.

They are hyping this like something crazy happens, Im actually nervous.


U havent ever kicked it with ed obviously.

Hes just like me.

I like him tons.

Did I mention my forearms are as rock solid as dougie @ a journey concert ?

Sorry but Ed and Kendall will be the final two not Rory and Ed.

Betting Line: Herman  -3000/+2500

lmao @ the betting lines.

lol@ ''work that submission''

lol @ ken yelling at anyone @ this point IMO

Sorry, but defining toughness by taking elbows...????.........NOT.....

........'picked last' for a reason.

meh at the fight that was expected

Ed didn't look all that great against someone who sucks on the ground.

I wish he would have gotten KTFO.

Herman will win at 185. I have spoken.

I actually was sure Ed would impress me more. i think he is going to have problems with people on TUF.