Anyone's Shark Fight ppv coming in choppy?

Mine is choppy and skipping like a scratched DVD.
Anyone else?

Mine too. Phone Post

i think that's the 'style' they used for the pre-show. I think it's intentional but holy shit it's annoying

I'm on Dish, what are you guys watchikng it on?

yes. will you find streams for the ppv please

My stream is doing the same.

I'M not streaming it. I paid. it's on regular satellite doing it. but again I think it's intentional

by the way the reason I say it's intentional is because the audio isn't doing it. just the vid

I'm on Bell. I hope it is intentional because it was not like this on HDNet yesterday. Phone Post

Has it just been 30 minutes of the same promo stuff over and over so far?

And agreed - I think it's intentional. Attempting to be stylish.

Annoying as shit. If this continues throughout the fights I'm gonna try to get my money back.

If not it's time to crack a beer, sit back and enjoy some fights boys.

That was a terrible promo. If I were any drunker, I'd have puked after 20 seconds of watching it.

The PPV looks OK. Thank goodness! Phone Post

yeah. whew. it's good now. Watching Don in his subtle shirt and conservative hat.