APEX Profile: Sean Pierson

Sean 'The Pimp' Pierson (4-3), is easily one of Canada's most decorated wrestlers and most controversial MMA fighters. Some say he is brash, others say he is confident. There are those who love him and there are those who hate him. Whether you like him or not, Pierson calls like it is. The 6' middleweight from 'P-Town' (Pickering, Ontario) is a Multi-time National Wrestling Champion and former National Team Member. He played Baseball at Brock University and when it comes to Hockey, Pierson states 'I am a legend in my own mind'. Excelling at sports was not the only thing Pierson specialized in while at Brock University; he also garnered a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science.

Representing the Franco-Behring Team, Pierson's trainers for this upcoming title fight are none other than Shah Franco but legendary Muay Thai trainer John 'Pops' Kassoulides, who like Franco, has also helped many fighters reach international stardom. One Canadian fighter Pops is known for training is Gary 'Big Daddy' Goodridge, but for now, he is focusing on Sean Pierson, who he is helping to mold as the complete MMA fighter.

MMA fans know Pierson's strengths are is wrestling skills and raw desire to fight. He is a born fighter, a  natural athlete but what separates him from the rest of the crop is his understanding of the fight game, both inside and outside of the ring. He has not fought since September of 2003, so I asked him what his strengths and weaknesses are coming in to this title fight vs current champion Fritz 'The Animal' Paul. 'My strengths are that I am good looking, charismatic and modest. My weaknesses are small Asian women, hence my wife' whom he married in mid 2006. I asked Pierson what kind of style he will be looking to bring to this fight, to which he responded 'Tons of It, I look good at all times'.

His thoughts on Fritz Paul: 'I think he is a good kid; he's entertaining and plays his image well. However I do think he has some holes in his game that I'm going to be able to expose, but that's for me to accomplish and him to prove me wrong.'  Pierson's keys to victory: 'showing up and making weight' which is a task in and of itself. I have personally seen Pierson drop over 15 pounds before the weigh in, whilst hiding his misery and keeping the atmosphere around him similar to a Saturday Night Live comedy skit.

He lists close friend David Loiseau as his favourite MMA fighter, with his personal heroes being his parents. 'Like most people, they have been extremely supportive over the years and I have the utmost respect for them.' Pierson personal motto: 'KARMA - It can be bitch'. When I asked for a few things that people did not know about him, his answer 'I'm sensitive and sweet'. Come Saturday, January 13th, we will see how sensitive and sweet Pierson will be in the cage as he fights to become the new APEX Canadian Middleweight Champion.

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I'll TTT this for myself ;)


good luck Sean your the man


A conversation with Pierson leaves one with the impression of a fine intelligence at work. He also has, in my opinion, good priorities. Not sure if we will be able to attend, but on behalf of the Magnuson crew, I wish him all the best in his up-coming fight!

All the best, kick his arse!