APEX who's going?

Had a great time there last event and looking forward to the upcoming one!

Say hello anyone if you get a chance just look for the crazy MEXICAN in Canada!

Shit are me and Freddie the only 2? lol

I and a substantial contingent from the Franco Berhing Team will be there!

Well make sure you two say hello!!! :)

daYum this looks to be a great event!!!


I am going. Will be my first live MMA event!

this crazy latino New Yorker will be there...


Where is it in montreal ?

Ok medley .... sorry

Pete make sure you say hello! We will be 3 strong haha!

BSF I will be forced to use the DEATH TOUCH! Kiiiiaaa


Le Medley is on St-Denis.
Take Berri-UQAM metro, St-Denis exit and turn right.
It's a 2 minute walk outside the metro station.