Today we're releasing the third app in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent series. It's called 'Top 5 Submissions, Sweeps & Escapes' and it features world champion Emily Kwok and yours truly, Stephan Kesting.

Here's the link in the iTunes store:


Top 5 Submissions, Sweeps & Escapes is a no-nonsense collection of the top moves used by Emily against larger skilled opponents on a daily basis.

Emily starts off by sharing her five most reliable submissions (four chokes and one armbar) that you can use to make even the biggest grapplers say uncle and tap out.

Then she teaches you the five specific guard sweeps she hits most often on bigger people in training and competition. No matter how strong or heavy your opponent is, he'll have no choice but to topple over when you hit him with these surprising techniques.

Finally Emily takes you through her five favorite transitional escapes. The best time to escape a pin is before it's been finalized; this section teaches you how to recognize those escape opportunities and the exact steps you need to get out of that bad position and get back in the game.

No need to sift through hundreds and hundreds of techniques to find the ones that actually work. This is a unique opportunity to learn the highest percentage techniques of one of the top female black belts in the world. If she can use these then so can you. This app contains zero fluff and is filled with 100% hard-hitting content that you can start using on the mats today!!


~ 1 hours and 15 minutes of solid, filler-free, video instruction
~ Professionally filmed and edited
~ Complete menus for easy navigation
~ Create a list of your favourite techniques and drills using the one-click 'favourite' button
~ Download the entire app to your phone or iPad; an internet connection is NOT required to view the videos
~ BONUS: 'The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu' book for free!


1) Top 5 Submissions for Smaller People
2) Choosing your Submissions
3) Cross Side Lapel Choke
4) Modified Baseball Choke
5) Reverse Armbar from Mount
6) Bow and Arrow Choke
7) North South Choke
8) Top 5 Guard Sweeps for Smaller People
9) Developing your Guard Sweeps
10) Knee Push to Single Leg X Guard
11) Knee Push to Sickle Sweep
12) Scooting Butterfly Sweep
13) Double Shin Lever
14) Counter to Backstep Guard Pass
15) Top 5 Transitions and Escapes
16) Moving in Transition
17) Closed to Open Guard
18) Elbow Push vs Guard Pass
19) Leg Over Head Escape
20) Granby Roll Escapes
21) Two-on-One Escape
22) Some Final Words of Advice

Thank you,
Stephan Kesting