Are Dustin & Islam getting ready to announce their matchup

Dustin posted this earlier today

Then islam posted this

Bald islam could be a new mythical fighter unlocked

UFC 100 Brock Lesnar
Motivated BJ Penn
Sea Level Cain
Rematch Georges St-Pierre
TRT Belfort
English speaking Petr Yan
Bald Islam Makhachev

They better fucking not be making this match up.
What a farce if they do


Another problem with the Max v. Justin fight. It’s holding up Justin right now who’s on a 2 fight win streak opposed to Dustin’s 1

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And the Charles/Arman fight should have been scrapped

And they should have Charles Islam June or July and done Justin Vs Arman for No1.

U know it doesn’t make any sense for DustBin to be gifted a title shot after beating a person outside of the top 10 and dustbin only being on a 1 fight win streak

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None of this makes sense. Max, or Charles/Arman could pull out or the fight could end very quickly

Then make winner vs Islam for July. Giving them 3 months.

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Dustin’s 5/100 punchers chance doesn’t exactly have me at the edge of my seat. Give Islam Leon.


5? Lol. Too high.

I love Dustin but didn’t we already see this fight in September 2019?


Probably. I like Dustin though.

Gaethje would have a better chance because he has more one shot power and better tdd.

BJJ is kind of irrelevant because it’s over for either one of them if Islam gets on top.

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We already saw the Gaethje fight in October 2020, too.


We saw Khabib run through Dustin too.

Justin did catch Khabib with some bombs that might have a lot more effect on Islam, but Islam almost certainly destroys Gaethje as well.

I think out of the two, Gaethje is a more dangerous matchup for the Dags.


He said Gaethje hit the hardest


I agree, I would like Gaethje, Arman then move to 170 as Usman slides into the UFC.

Gaethje and those legs kicks are an issue for almost anyone

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Is Dustin the new, slightly bigger, less cool, non-bro version of Faber?

No titles are coming.


Non deserved
1 fight win streak Vs a guy ranked 14th.

That said, Islam got a title shot after beating no 13



This just shows how Islam is scared to fight the deserved contenders

Fuck the UFC for doing this.

Send the testers to Dagestan and strip Islam immediately