Are Feijao and JZ brothers??

 they have the same last name and look exactly the same. I apologize if this is common knowledge but i had no idea and im on here like 4 times a day as ashamed as I am to say that. JZ looks like Feijao's mini-me.

If so thats another bad ass pair of mma brothers to add to the list



 Lol i remember that movie, i used to love it

look closer, they have 2 completely different last names.

 cavalcante its the same. JZ spells it the same way also. He changed it because no one can pronounce it i guess thats why he goes by JZ-Calvan

JZ Calvancante
Rafael Cavalcante


Tyson and Forrest are NOT twins...

Peckerwood - Tyson and Forrest are NOT twins...

 Fraternal twins n00b.

Forrest took after their father Curious George Griffin while Tyson took after their mother Jennifer Lopez.


 lol where does it say anything abou this on google


^^^^ they're not!!?!!?!??? runs back to room crying Phone Post

 lol i think u proved yourself right again ^ ^^

 on a serious note i swear to god im not trolling thier names are not different! they look exactly alike is this an absolutely ridiculous question to ask

ZugZug - Yeah they're brothers.

Little know fact: Assuerio, Wanderlei and Anderson are triplets.

 Their father is a man named Giant.

I think Kitaoka and Stevenson are related.