Are Japanese fans too awkwardly quiet for UFC?

 I wonder how weird it is going to be to not hear the audience as much as we are used to in other events.  Not that this is Brazil where you can hardly hear anything but the fans... Anyway konichiwa bitches.



I'm looking forward to it tbh. The cheers are still there when they need to be, and it means no asinine booing occurs when something that anyone in the audience is opposed to happens every farging fight. Phone Post

I don't think there is anything "awkward" about it.

Usa, usa! Phone Post

Quietness being awkward is a hilarious concept that permeates the ADD riddled American youth culture. Phone Post

That will be baders excuse when he gets ktfo. "It was just so awkward, an arena full of silent people" Phone Post

Poopyface TomatoNose - Quietness being awkward is a hilarious concept that permeates the ADD riddled American youth culture. Phone Post

Lol Phone Post

It's a nice change of pace from this:

I think it'll be great Phone Post

Brazil has the best crowds.

DRevan - Brazil has the best crowds.

That atmosphere must be amazing. I thought I was witnessing something special at 110 in Sydney but brazil took it up a notch for sure. Phone Post

i like the japanese crowds and hope this one will be like the ones from pride etc....

Watching UFC next to Japanese fan: Nods in respectful appreciation with occasional ooohs or aaahs *

Watching beside a random, cow fed, artificially flooded with hormones and other food rubbishes and loaded to the gills with Bud Lite: "YEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Kneeeeeees, kneeeeeeeeesss!! You got 'im. Noooooooo!!!! Get uuuuupppp. Referee standem up, dayre just rolling around on the ground humpin and sheeyit." *Stand-up occurs
"Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhh!!#!! He just knocked 'im out!!$!! He just knocked 'im out!!!!$$!!!" Slaps me on shoulder "Didjoo just see heeyim kilt that guy Thur???"

Me: "Why yes, my overly excited fellow American who happens to be 300 lbs. and wearing a Larry The Cable Guy wife beater that says Widja didja whilst sporting an absurd black baseball cap that says Top Dawg. I sure did apparently see that apparently as I am watching just as you are. I affirm that you are not hallucinating all this."

Hmmm.....not sure which audience I prefer..... Phone Post

I honesty don't think it's going to be too much different from any other event. There will be a lot of travelling fans, it might not be electric but it won't be 'quiet' Phone Post

Pride, Pancrase, Dream, Deep, Shooto, etc..were never quiet, FWIW. To be honest, the Japanese shows always put the American shows to shame as far as production was concerned. Opening ceremonies, music, celebrities, costumes, fireworks, pop singers performing live, etc...Which, in turn, kept the crowds entertained, and made them very excited to be there and they were definitely pretty loud. They're also a very educated audience and know the right times to cheer and when to boo, unlike some places in the US. I'm sure 120,000 people in attendance compared to 18,000 helped too, lol. Unfortunately, there will only be 20,000 there this weekend. So, overall, I don't think you will notice much of a difference on PPV TV. For the most part, it will seem like just another UFC event as far as crowd noise is concerned. Phone Post

japanese audiences are the best there are.

I like the differences in atmosphere. From the tennis-crowd Japanese, to the soccer-crowd Brazilians, to the in-between Americans who are often actually refreshingly un-nationalistic.

No, they can show the trashy dumb US audience class and appreciation Phone Post

i thought the fans are starting to be louder these days. In the past, very true. But thought that has been changing over the past few years