Are the people you train with...??

...knowledgeable regarding MMA/Fighters/Organizations, etc...?
I would say that at least 75% of the people I train with don't know who Fedor is. To me it makes no sense how someone could train a sport whether it be Basketball, Football, Baseball and not know who the best athletes are in their sport.

I'm training BJJ and a lot of those guys have never heard of ADCC or watched a Pride. Really sad. You can't even strike up a conversation about MMA at a freakin BJJ school.

alot of the guys i train with didnt get into MMA til they started class. now they are a little more knowledgeable about our sport and can talk about it more.

Most of the guys I think just like to train and even compete,
but don't follow the big names much. Maybe one problem is
there are too many different aspects. You have the separate
UFC and Pride talent, plus separate grappling leagues, plus
BJJ, plus stand up like all the different boxing groups and K-
1. Plus a lot of guys are into wrestling.

So I think people appreciate the best talent in the gym, and
aer a little vague about the rest.

When I first started training BJJ most of the guys
there didn't know much about MMA. I started giving out
copies of my UFC and Pride tapes to people who wanted
to see them. Now most of the guys there are MMA fans.

This is quite common in many of the sports, I have 36 kickboxing fights and hardly know of any of the mainstream guys from yester year to present time.....I have 10 Am Boxing fights and know pro history from the day's of Jack Johnson to now.....I train MMA fighters and often encourage them to follow the game but you can only lead the horse to water....????

Yeah when I started training I didnt Know anyone Nor Did I wanna know I just loved the sport and then I started to follow up on the fighters and First month training I met Tommy Sauer and Carl Melenko Din Thomas I was like cool nice to meet you and Now those guys Give me Pointers


Most of the guys I teach at first had no clue, but since we got a lot of
event tapes in, they are now followers. Most of them talk more of PRIDE
fighters, compared to the UFC..

Ironically the people that train with me typically start out watching MMA with me before they start training, or want to see it after they start. My brother, and my friend Debo, both know a lot about MMA fighters as do many other friends who dont train but just come to watch pride or UFC>

Most of the people at the school I go to just happened to pick it as the place to learn martial arts I think. I guess they just got lucky and didn't end up at a TKD school.

There is maybe 2 or 3 of us at my school that follow MMA, most other people only know Royce and Ken Shamrock.