are you able to beat mundial champ

Let's say you are at a purple or even brown belt level. Do you think you'll be able to tap blue belt mundial champs in your weight category?

Don't forget that some of those blue belts in brazil are ridiculously good, and i've seen blue tapping out black belts in brazil. Eg. roger gracie was near black belt level when he was a blue.

So do you guys think you're up to it?


that's the problem with instructor's waiting to promote you until you've won that 1 big national or international tournament. Pedro Sauer had trouble as a white, blue, and purple I believe, and it wasn't until later as a brown, etc. that he started putting everything together and became the awesome jiujitsu master that he is today.

I'd get trashed probably. haha.


Maybe Andreh will reply.  I know he's been to Brazil and maybe he can tell us about the level of their typical blue belts. 

Almost all of the black belts I've interviewed said things are generally the same, but when you're talking about MUNDIAL CHAMPS, then it's different.  No matter where you go, there are obviously differences in skills levels between average blue belts who just train for fun, and the blue belts that are taking home all the medals in competition.


I just got my purple, and I'm pretty sure whoever won the blue belt Mundial at my weight would be able to handle me pretty thoroughly

People who been to brazil told me that the intensity and standards over there are just simply on another level. On any night,there would be roughly around 10 black belts rolling on the mat..jiu jitsu's like their lifestyle in brazil. Its like surfing. Don't mess with those brazilian surf dudes,half of them are jiu jitsu freaks.

I have some friends who do jits and got tapped by mundial blues in brazil. They are purple though,and they got bad that it wasn't even funny.

Therefore i would think that if these mundial champs,blues or purple would travel out of brazil,they'll give an average black belt a pretty hard time on the mat.

No pun intended,just a thought.

"they'll give an average black belt a pretty hard time on the mat."

No such thing as an "average" black belt

yes there are..those elite bb that are world champs or constantly compete on the world-level competitions.

They are not average,dude.

Once I saw a World Champion BB get his ass beat over and over in a regular training sesion 30 min, but at the same training session he could win the fight easy if was tornament 10 min match he score more points.

I think once you used BJJ for competition the guy who is fighting all the time will have more chace is like a Race car you hsrap things every event, but at the same time if he goes agaist sombody who is not sharping in competition anymore but he know what he is doing in a none time limit match he will have the chance also.

I did a tournament in Brasil this year and trust me it is a lot different. I my division alone I saw 3 guys get carried off the mat on a stratight board, 2 guys with popped arm, one with a popped foot, and one with a face full of blood. These guys train hard as hell and compete even harder. I was there for 4 months and body is wrecked now. Plus If are from Brasil you have to earn a chance to compete in the mundial by winning other tournaments. So this is best of the best in brasil. A mundail champ is the best world in my opinion.

beto have a point there..i guess he got to survive the first 10mins of fury.