Are you guys familiar with Tatami gear?

Their gis are cool but this shorts look great . Phone Post

Bitch Phone Post

I like their gi, but haven't tried their shorts. Phone Post

I like their stuff but shipping is expensive for U.S. off their official site. Phone Post

Budovideo stock tatami. Mail and the guys will give you best shipping advice. Phone Post

Thanks. I'll try it out. Phone Post

great gear

I have the terere gi and i love it Phone Post

I also just picked up a Terere gi, but we have a ton of info on the gis over at GiReviews.Net:

I have a gi - zero I think it's called. pretty damn god.

i have a couple of the estilos. fit is good, the color has kept fast over multiple washings. i also dry the gi in the dryer on high for 20 mins, no real damage noted.

i do find the gi remains really stiff even when in the dryer. it is a great gi and looks really nice. the estilo and the killer bee's are my two favorite gi brand.

Tatami just signed another Bjj world champ to their team, terere, Robson Moura already there and black belts like Pedro Bessa...they haven't announced the new name yet. Phone Post

My Instructor was refused entry to the Rio Open because of the Estillo 2.0 (embroidery on leg).

But I have one and for the price they're great value. I just don't like them so will probably sell mine. Phone Post

He shouldn't have been. Alvaro Mansor confirmed embroidered position is same as patches so Estilo fine Phone Post