Are you idiots serious?

Still sleeping on Roger Huerta? Ninja, please.

 Agreed. Ken thinks he's also athletic and shit... He'll meet a real athlete shortly.

 What does Huerta have that Kenny has not seen before? Nothing, Kenny will finish this fight!!!

 Huerta has dealt with better subs (Crane) better wrestling (Guida) and at least on par striking.

It's a good fight.

"Huerta is beatable."

Who isn't?

Huerta has no more to prove than Florian. Guida is tougher than anyone Florian has beaten.


Wait ... what?

No, I don't know. Do tell.

Kenny will choke him out. But then Huerta will go home and fuck a ring girl so he still wins.

I wish I could, he is hot!!!


TTT because some bozos still appear to be sleeping.

Viva la raza!! war Huerta! oh hold up, isn't Florian Peruvian??

I have a better question. Who cares?

 Kenny by RNC rd 2 in a great fight.

KenFlo inside 2


kenny from the mount/back

and i hope he cuts pretty boys face open good too.

complaining about this fight is comparable to saying that you're not a fan of the sport.

both guys are on good win streaks. both have something to prove. both want a title shot. both are well rounded, come to fight in-shape, are mentally prepared, both guys have shown terrific ring generalship.

the balance of skills that both fighters show is a testament to their understanding of the game and their desire to better themselves.