Are you paid for Semi-Pro fights?

Just wondering if it's normal to get paid or not paid for semi-pro. It seems to me that if I'm going to get even some kind of a kicking then I'd rather get some cash for it. No elbows? So what. It's still potentially injurious.

What do 'semi-pro' mean?

Round my way it means no knees or elbows to the head. So it's kickboxing and punchy grappling.

We normally get travel and Hotel money!

Any insurance or vitamins? It's not like the promoter's not trying to make any money out of you.

in my experience, pro means getting paid, amatuer is not getting paid

i guess in your area people fight under amatuer, semi-pro or pro rules?

Correct. Amateur, Semi and Pro. That's why thought amateur would me not paid, pro would be paid and semi would be paid a bit.

Semi rules are still exciting and violent to watch and it just surprises me that we're meant to train hard and put on a good fight and not even get a few bucks for our efforts. I'm sure the promoters can't be making so little that they can't spare a little if for nothing more than a compliment for your efforts.

If no pay = amateur (period).

They should rename the rule models imo. But still, if you're not getting paid, stay in the amateur division until it's time to go pro.

This isn't fighting advice, it's business advice.

A lot of promoters don't "pay" the ammys.

Just when you get your money for gas and hotel...don't return it thinking they gave you way to much money....if you catch my drift.


Used to be around here that if you were a drunk in a crowd they would have you fight and put it on your "PRO" record.

No such thing as Ammy's around here. Paid or not.

The difference between "professional" and "amateur" is as shady as most promoters.

If amateur means you don't get paid...are you an amateur if the promoter just DOESN'T pay you?

Are you a pro or amateur if they give you ANY money?

As far as I can tell..."semi-pro" (as it relates to MMA) simply means you'll be paid McMinimum wage IF the promoter feels like it.

Perhaps they should call it Semi-Amateur and not Semi-Pro.

Namecaller, I find myself going along with your opinion. But it's not just business advice but health advice too. If some lug heelhooks be hard or knocks me round the head a bit too hard, I'll be taking days off work too and I'll have no extra money to pay for healthcare or insurance.

I guess they just rely on the fact that most people just want to get in the ring/cage and fight. But it's hardly looking after your future wonderkids is it?

It seems like the porn industry where people are so desparate to get their big break that they'll tolerate any level of abuse on a mistaken promise that they'll somehow benefit greatly.

"I'll be taking days off work too and I'll have no extra money to pay for healthcare or insurance."

If this is an honest concern of yours, its best you dont fight. In MMA amatuer and pro is more a rule description than level of competition or compensation. Low level (entry) pro pay sure as hell wont make up for days lost at work. If those sort of things are bugging you MMA isnt for you.

I guess it's not really the days off work that are bugging me so much as the idea of working hard but working for free for someone who is clearly not intending to put on the show for free. It's not like the promoter is giving the profits to charity. And it's not like I might win a high paying contract at the end if I do well - unlike an internship at a stockbrokers, for example.

If any of you guys fancy digging my garden and painting my house as an opportunity to see if garden-digging or house-painting is your kind of thing, you're more than welcome.

Well you want to compete right? You are going to have to show a promoter (especially a promoter) you are worth something to him. You have to look at it differently, compete for the joy of it, because it is a feeling you are not going to get any where else.

Now if you win an exciting fight or in exciting fashion, the best chance at getting paid early in the game is to offer to sell tickets and split the money with a promoter. That way you bring him a crowd, or at least more people he wouldnt have there if you dont fight and you get a little change.

If worrying about getting anywhere near the compensation you think you should get even for the number of hours you have to train to be competitive even in an amatuer MMA fight is bothering you. MMA might not be for you.

As for the garden digging and house painting, if it had anywhere near the adrenal rush or endorphin pump fighting in front of a large crowd has I would be there this weekend. Poor example of "free" work.

Early on competing and the thrills are worth not getting paid. If you disagree dont fight, because its just not for you.


LOTS of people pay amateurs. It's because several promoters are former fighters that are now shafting the younger guys like they got shafted when they were coming up.

MMA should either go back underground...or be regulated from top to bottom. This 'middle ground' (as it pertains to pro and am) is doing more harm than good.