Arianny Celeste- interview & PICS



she is part flip!(according to the stats)

that's a hot flip

inf0 -

and edamame is soybeans..... ummm w/pizza??????? ugh

thats soo wrong...

TTT for jro...

mochi kills old people

Mochi is good





i'm going to be pissed if "throwdown classic" doesn't taste like her boobies.


 Wow, she's never mentioned being part Filipina before. That pretty much cinches it: Pinays own this board (between Arianny and RARA).

Lets see some Nekkidness

 ttt for later

i feel sorry girls like arianny. the have her down as "model, actress, singer"...she probably actually thinks she is those things too. guys just indulge her and tell her they'll make her a model/actress/singer because she is hot and fuckable. this is such a short window for women. in no time she'll be 30, used up, too old to carry a ring card and fading in to obscurity. she'll wonder where all the guys went who told her she was such a great actress/ singer/ model. they'll have moved on to a new girl, one with less mileage, catch em as soon as they turn 18.


nice pic