Arianny's new ride.

She posted this on twitter.

I'm jelly.

wat Phone Post

Musashi - For the OP

Thanks! Phone Post

Musashi - For the OP

Definitely need the gasoline gif up in this here thread!

JDS was driving a Land Rover, this is a Range Rover. Phone Post

I was hoping there would be a picture of my ...nevermind

Totally expected a penis Phone Post

Just more proof that women have the ability to make men do stupid things. 

Sad but true.

 I can't see Tiki anywhere in that pic...

Haha - why ask for butt pics when she doesn't have one?

Amazing zoolander GIF!

Frobenius - 
Musashi - For the OP

<img src="" style="width: 395px; height: 299px;" alt="" />

 <img src="" alt="" />

Someone with skills needs to put Arianny's head over Ben Stiller's on that zoolander GIF!


 Even when trying to accentuate her ass,it looks under developed.  ^^^^^^^

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Andy Tapp - JDS was driving a Land Rover, this is a Range Rover. Phone Post
No JDS was in a white rover as well Phone Post
pretty sure he was in a LR


why are you jelly? Rangerover's suck.

Zoolander gif is awesome Phone Post

Brand new range rover under warranty does not suck...
Haha that's a tight ride.

looks like dana and lorenzo bought it for

Matt A Tat Tat On Dat Azz - why are you jelly? Rangerover's suck.

THIS.  Worst car I ever had.  I wasn't devastated when they stole it (my cousin from out of town drove it to a Heat game and parked, unknowingly, in the worst part of town).