Ariel Helwani Gets owned by fighters ...

where im from, people like that get slapped  

this rampage one is from last night   


  last night 





You must be bored Phone Post


Looks like Ariel has himself a stalker. pathetic.

Can anyone revoke this numbnut's thread starting priviledges? Wanksters like this clog the boards with trash and make sifting through the garbage a waste of time. Putrid offering from this kid today. Phone Post

Wow, the scintillating interplay between the two of them is reminiscent of Howard Cosell and Muhannad Ali's symbiotic rise to the top of the sports world nearly 40 years ago!

 WHy don't you like Ariel? He's a great reporter!

Yoshida4Life - I didn't see Ariel get owned by anyone in those videos.

He remained smooth, collected and relaxed in the face of Nick Diaz' hostility.

Rampage is just playing up a character.

No ownage here.

In social terms, Ariel is far more alpha than many of the guys he interviews.

 telling him that where hes from (Stockton) people like that get slapped is ownage no matter how you look at it , also telling him he wasnt gonna do the interview until they told him he had to is also ownage