Ariel Helwani Interviews Josh Barnett (vid)


 very true


I have the same problem with the beard god dam that red hair



well.... it's good to have confidence I guess.

Baba-Booey strikes again. Phone Post

When he was describing seeing Ariel do Pehlwani I thought oh no, Josh is going to say he wants to motor boat Ariel.

All kidding aside, Josh is lightyears ahead of Rodgers. This will be the quickest fight on the card. Josh will get a hold of Brett, take him down and work him over for a minute then sub him. Easy money for Josh. He is my pick to win this whole thing.

It's like a shark LOL Great ITW !


Barnett is so full of himself it's ridiculous, Overeem would smash him with relative ease. Hope these two meet in the end and the Reem gets to smoke roid boy.

Barnett is setting himself up for a extraordinary fall.

Ariel: That's a big development!

Josh: Pfffffffffffft ...not really but whatever.