Ariel Helwani UFC 264 post-show on Spotify's Greenroom

For those Ariel Helwani fans out there looking for a rapid reaction following UFC 264 tomorrow night, you can participate in a discussion with the MMA media giant on Spotify’s Greenroom app. All the details can be found below:

Ariel Helwani to Host Two Spotify Greenroom McGregor-Poirier Live Reaction Shows
*New social audio app from Spotify lets MMA fans participate in live discussions around UFC 264 *

*WHAT: MMA journalist Ariel Helwani will host two live instant reaction audio sessions on Spotify Greenroom in conjunction with this weekend’s UFC 264: Poirier vs. McGregor 3. Helwani will be joined by Chuck Mindenhall and Peter Carroll from The Ringer, as they break down the happenings around one of the biggest trilogies in UFC history. *

*Greenroom is a new social audio app from Spotify that allows users to participate in live discussions through virtual rooms. With Greenroom, users can listen and discuss the things that matter most to them with artists and fans that have similar interests. *

*WHEN: UFC 264 Post Fight Greenroom, Sunday, July 11 at 12:30 a.m. ET *

WHERE: Spotify Greenroom. Download the Greenroom app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android),.Search: Ariel Helwani

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Ariel is a whiney bitch. I will never forget him throwing Gina under the bus and I wish him nothing but aids.


Neither one of them knows you exist.


Ariel Helwani has fans? I have trouble believing that. Will not watch.



Why do people continue to talk about this faggot? I don’t understand. He’s just a fucking reporter.

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Hows tastes espn’s peepee?

I always click on the threads about things nook I dont give a fuck about and then proceed to tell everyone how I dont give a fuck. It’s almost like I do give a fuck though…:thinking:

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Common misconception. You see a thousand threads with that faggots name in it. So you eventually lose your cool and click one to tell everyone how fucking retarded they are for talking about a reporter.

Also, fuck your mother.


Ariel Helwani Dancing GIF by ESPN


fuck spotify in the ass.

A thousand ariel threads? Lol. Okay Dana. :smirk:



Not sure what his pay will be like on Spotify but I have a feeling he really is overestimating his worth by a lot, ESPN overpaid him IMO. He is nothing special at all, in fact he is annoying as hell and not that great as a reporter, he literally just got in early when actual real reporters wouldn’t bother with MMA and he couldn’t get a real gig in fake wrestling. It’s mostly old school MMA fans who like him because he is familiar.

The Gina thing was a joke. He likes to virtue signal and play the victim that he has never been in his life.

Spotify will flop, he is no Joe Rohan by any means so he needs to stop thinking he can follow his path

Please remind me again what the “Gina thing” is.

You dont know shit about media salaries clearly, he was drastically underpaid by ESPN.