Arkansas BJJ

I have family moving to the Sherwood AR area looking to continue training, both white belts at about 6 11/2 months training. Any good schools around there?

"Any good schools around there?"

If a Nova UniĆ£o academy run by a 4-tip brown belt who's fought in ADCC, Shooto and more meets the definition of good, then the answer is YES.

Instructor PinkSinglet posts here from time time; send me an email at and I'll forward it to him.

Thanks a lot!! I'll pass along the info to them!

Alex you are soo sweet to me man!

We definately have the best looking instructors in the area!!!

Now Alex dont foret Mr Dring hes the Black Belt here, dont hurt his feelings!


ps we welcome yall in, we got a great group of folks

TTT for Nova uniao in Arkansas!!