Arlovski: I wasn't impressed by Werdum performance



When Werdum fought Browne and Hunt he impressed me with his hand speed and boxing technique. But I didn't see any of that in his fight vs Cain. On the one hand, I was glad with that. But on the other hand, I have to develop myself anyway. When you stop developing you start falling down so I have a huge amount of work ahead of me. I'm at the age now when it is important to earn money. It's cool to be a champion and all, but I was there three times already. As far as I know Werdum is injured now so to sit and wait for at least 6 months to get a crack at the title is inexpedient for me. My age doesn't allow to sit and to hope for something. I want to go at it right here, right now. I have a family and some obligations. Non-title fight is ok for me next. 

I don't need to have a time off. For me the best is to fight 3-4 times a year, stay in shape the whole time and develop my game all around. Couple of weeks of rest after the fight and I'm ready to train again.

C'mon son Phone Post 3.0

werdum impressed me with his knee strikes. he was using them well and did some serious damage with them. Cain was pretty beat up at the end of the fight.

Arlovski harnessing his inner GSP Phone Post 3.0

Make this fight Zuffa, you dumb shits. Phone Post 3.0

AA vs Miocic #1 contneder fight!

Lol @ aa already trying to punk werdum into striking with him Phone Post 3.0

We all know how good Werdums grounded game is. What I'll be interested to see is if his takedowns are good enough to get the fight there. If AA is getting the better of the stand up, can Werdum get him to the mat? I don't think he'll be desperate to avoid striking by any means but the only piece of his game I'm yet to really see is if he can take down a guy with good TD defense if he needs to. Phone Post 3.0

Would make for a great fight if Arlovski shows up like he did last time

my 2 fav fighters going at it... its win/win! or lose/lose...



I was very impressed.

This would be an awesome fight though. Id have to go with Werdum though. Phone Post 3.0


Shit. I was. Phone Post 3.0

I love Arlovski but he should try fighting Cain at cloud level altitude. Phone Post 3.0

8-10 yrs ago I would have love to see a cro-cop vs arlovski fight ! Phone Post 3.0