Awesome matchup! Been waiting for this since UFC 44, when they fought on the same card. Tough fight to predict because there standup style is so random and explosive. I dont think Arlovski is scared to trade and he's going to throw it down with Sylvia, he might have the edge in quickness and overall better skills. Sylvia has the mean right hand.

Can't wait for this one, wont go pass the first if Arlovski decides to stand, I think he'll pull off the win.

I don't see this as an easy fight for either fighter, it really should be a very interesting fight.

Tim's strengths: Long reach, throws straight punches, height and weight advantage, determination, and it looks like he might have a good chin as well (ie: Cabbage tagging him solidly a few times and him barely blinking).

Tim's weaknesses: I think Tim's main weakness is probably if a good wrestler were able to get him down then they "may" be able to do some damage with a solid GnP game. (but you never know ... Tim works with good wrestlers all the time, and may be able to defend those attacks well?)

Andrei's strengths: Wicked thai kicks, counter punching, solid right hand, & footwork in the stand up. His ground looks good, but he rarely goes there anymore.

Andrei's weaknesses: His chin failed him against Datsik, but that was long ago, and he wasn't in top shape then .. so that may have contributed to that KO loss. Sometimes keeps exchanging on the feet when he should go for the ground (ie: against Rizzo). Not sure how he'll react to Tim slowly stalking him around the cage, it may affect him mentally (or, he may just give movement and counter over and over, and not allow the pressure from Sylvia affect him) ... I guess we'll have to wait and see how that plays out in February.

I really think this is a great match up and whomever takes it will probably eventually be declared the undisputed champ later on, as I think Mir will be out for a very long time recouping from his injuries.

Arlovski will win. I'm 100% sure.

Should be a tough fight for either unless someone gets caught early.

Sylvia by patience.

I just can't wait to see that first camera angle where all you can see is BJM saying "LET'S GET IT ON", and both fighters enter the shot, one from the LEFT and the other from the RIGHT.

I dont't know who's going to land the first good shot. I see Arlovski's head movement cramping up Sylvia's style. But I see Big Tim's chin being a problem for Andrei. Although Arlovski took it to Cabbage, I wonder if he could do the same to Tim.


Arlovski just has too good of fundamentals to get caught with Sylvia's right hand. Other than that, even if Sylvia catches him with some minor blows, Arlovski will take it to the ground and most likely keep it there. I know Sylvia works out with great guys, but how many of them are heavyweights?

I think we'll get to see more of Arlovski's ground game in this one.

I was watching CABBAGE/ARLOVSKI and I noticed, every time CABBAGE lunged forward with a kick or punch, Arlovski was outta there. Great movement, good set-ups. I like the way he uses that Left Inside Kick as a jab, and his "ONE,TWO" is deadly.

This is really going to be a good fight everyone. Way better than it wouldv'e been at UFC 47 "IT's ON!" when it was originally supposed to take place.

I hope and believe Arlovski will win.

Arlovski has much more movement, and probably hits as hard. Sylvia just looks a lot slower. I didn't think Sylvia would beat Ricco or McGee, though, so I've been wrong about the guy before and could be again.

i dont care who wins cause they will just be holding the fake belt untill mir gets back and spanks that ass

Sylvia will win Via BS Dec.

The only way Arlovski can win is by a KO, sub, or 5 rounds of pure ass beatin' because the Judge's looooove MFS fighters.

I may be crazy, but Arlovski TKO 3rd round.

My money is on Arlovski

I think Arlovski takes it.

Arlovski is definitely going to win this fight IMHO.

Tim has a big right hand, Andrei has a bigger right hand, a big lead leg kick, and big time submissions.

Andrei KO'd Vladdy with 1 punch, I don't think Tim has 1 punch KO power like that.

Andrei trains with tough K-1 vet Andrei Dudko, Tim trains with Justin Eilers who has trained for 2 years.

Tim is no Rizzo, and wouldn't even fight Rizzo because he knew he'd get KTFO.

Tim basically got this reputation for KO's from KOing Ricco, who has NO stand up skills to speak of and a glass jaw.

Bas KO'd his ass with a fucking jab with boxing gloves on for Christ's sake!

Tim fought McGee roided up so I can hardly consider that a legitimate win.

I think Andrei will set the tone with hard lead leg kicks to the leg, and then use them to set up his punches.

Arlovski by 3rd round KO IMHO.

"Tim basically got this reputation for KO's from KOing Ricco"

That and his other 10 KO/TKOs.

lol... Tim got his rep on a KO of Ricco, who has no chin... hey, he had the same chin when he beat Arlovski's ass!!! Where was all this superior skill in that fight? Where were the "big-time submissions?"

Pat Miletich TKO'd Dudko in MMA, when Dudko had 50 pounds on him. In like 3 minutes.

I have to basicly agree with Monte and say MAYIWHOOPU is an idiot. Tim by KO in round #1!! Mir will get his, but I doubt he comes back!