arm bar gone bad

I had my dominant arm hyperextended while roling.
What are some remadies you have used to heal faster.

Has nobody ever become a victim of an arm bar befor?

I need to know relavent info. Like how long did it take you too heal, or what types of medicenes did you apply to help the elbo heal faster.

Their has to be some relavent info in this forum.

It's a lot more complicated than that. A hyperextended arm can result in a number of different problems. You need to get checked out by a professional.

L-Glutamine has always made my soft tissue injuries heal faster.

I got mine caught on the mat a year ago.It still clicks and shit.Lots of icing it,and Aleve.

I have a torn tendon in my right elbow with fluid surrounding it.

Wtf am I supposed to do now?

See a doctor asap. If you wait longer, it'll only get worse.
My case probably wasn't as bad, but I waited too long and had to go through physical therapy for a couple months.

I had mine jacked a few years ago..fuck did it hurt...took a few weeks to recover then the next week back some ass in training jacked it again. I quit training after that...and hurting both rotators

nothin really, rest and ice.. u could have a trainer do a hyperextension tape, thatll help a lot. u might wanna sling it when ur not using it too.

Wow glad I saw this post, I've got lots of experience with this. I've had my left elbow hyper-extended three times, all from straight arm locks where the guy got a little too excited. Anyways, all I can say is REST REST REST. Of course you should ice it too, most injuries you want to ice it the first 48 hours then use heat after that. Stay away from the weights with that arm, forget about doing ANY kind of bicep curls. You should go see a doctor about it if it is really bad. But from a training perspective I could only tell you to stay away from the weights (you could still do lower body stuff, and experiment with what you can do upper body if there is no pain). You can forget about all out grappling for a while but you can always just work on your guard. Ever try grappling with one arm? It can be done. Just let it rest and keep icing it.


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I hyper-extended my arm in a bad armbar exactly one year ago and it would hurt when I extended my arm. I went to the doctor, chiropractor, accupucture, deep tissue massage but nothing worked and it didn't seem to get any better. After a few months off from training I decided it wasn't going to heal and I was just going forget about it and start training again. A few weeks ago I checked and my arm is 100% again. I can fully extend my arm and twist in all directions with no pain whatsoever. The only thing that helped me was time.