Arm bars these days?

So I feel this was the go to for amateur MMA and the go to for MMA pre-2010. What is the arm bar finishing rate these days? I feel like it has been going noticeably down for understandable reasons). I just want to know if anyone else noticed this or had a stat to pull.

It's easier to defend Jiu-Jitsu than it is to attack with it.

As everyone has been training BJJ for such a long time before ever getting to the pro level, it makes it harder to land because most guys know how to defend.

The guys who make techniques work now-a-days are usually the guys who are such high level experts that its almost impossible to stop. Either that or they are guys who are extremely aggressive with their BJJ and they are excellent at stringing techniques together so that when you defend one technique you open up a route to another.

Punching a guy in the face until his brain shuts down is often the easier route to take in MMA.