arm triangle from the back?

is this possible?

i think i saw someone do it before it looked like a rnc with an arm in. but i dont know how to do it and make it work.

I've seen people set up the regular arm triangle (where you transition to mount/side control for the finish) from the back and I've seen people do the ezekial choke from the back with a harness style grip (over/under).  Are these what you're talking about?

It does work!  You just have to have long enough arms in relation to the person you are wrestling, and also have the right angle.  Jacare finished a guy with this in an MMA fight recently:

Hard to see everything at the end, but he basically finishes with an RNC with the arm in.  Nice arm triangle defense by the opponent up to that point!


no, I mean finishing the regular arm triangle from the back position,
without transitioning to the top control.

Transition from back mount with the harness -> let them "escape"
right into an arm triangle is one of highest percentage subs, btw

yep jacare did just like i saw in other video.. loks like a rnc with the arm in.

ok, so i looked at that clip.  I see what you're talking about.  It looks like he's got  his forearm against the caratoid artery and then locks his hand in his other bicep. Pretty much a RNC with the arm in.  Jeez, all these "bjj staples" being destroyed... first it was "you can't finish the guillotine with the arm in" now its the RNC.



One of my students figured out how to do this. He found an arm position that worked really well for it.