Armbar from guard(pics)Trust me ;)

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I'd tap to that!


horrible technique

"horrible technique"

What technique?

I wouldn't wash my elbow for a year.


Rafterman, you just gave me the best laugh I have had in days!!!

bodog has hotter chicks than the ufc...

very nice!! ;)

they are awfully cute........just don't put gloves on'm...

Their names are Adriana and Alejandra? Too similar. I might call a girl one name while having sex with the other.

Oh ya!


TTT. Thank you.

Best demo ever.

Most effective illustration yet that to learn how to get it in really tight and pull it off in full motion, a technique needs lots of rolling and drilling - repeatedly - until it becomes fluid.

Wait I'm confused. Aren't we supposed to argue that BJJ isn't gay.

Those pics look quite hot to me.

Therefore BJJ is sexual.

Therefore if you do it, you're a homo.

she hasn't got the thumb pointing upwards, the girl being armbared should be able to roll out.

where is their triangle demo?

No can defence

LOLHEW at "both girls pay particular attention to making sure their hair still looks good"