Armbar from mount made easy....

I've sometimes had trouble landing the armbar from mount against real muscle types when it is hard to get the elbow up or get them to turn.

My instructor/son showed us a new (for me) method to get the armbar from mount which is so smooth and simple, the guys were landing it rolling right after being exposed to the method. This is one of those techs that you see and wonder why you didn't know it all along.

So here it is:

1:Your mounted on him and the guy is really keeping his elbows in tight and he won't let you turn him. He is protecting his neck with his hands close in to his chest/chin and ready.

2. You try to pick the elbows and move up without success. Slide your left hand(for example)thru under his right wrist and tight against your own chest or grab your opposite lapel if with gi. Block his right tricep with your left knee/thigh.

3. Bring your right foot over his face as you circle your torso to your right and lean back over him, keeping weight centered on him as you post with your right hand. Hook your right foot under his head on his right side.

4. The whole time you have been blocking him from getting his right arm back or turning by sliding your left thigh up tight behind his right tricep as you lean and extend his wrist.

5.Now (as you lean and post) circle your left foot over his head to his left side putting your foot toward the mat and squeezing your feet tight on his neck/head.

6. Now you can use both hands to control his wrist and continue stretching it to you. You can finish the armbar while still on top of him leaning toward his feet, or slide off to his right side still leaning toward his feet.

This appeals to me because I turned 55 tonight and it requires zero flexibility, muscle or speed. You have your weight centered on him the whole time. My son described it as moving yourself around on him since you can't move him.

Play with it and see how you like this armbar.


happy birthday mike, and thanks for the tip!

I'm trying to picture it though, am a bit confused with sliding my left
hand under his right wrist but i circle my torso to my right?

Happy Birthday Mike! I cant believe I missed class tonight. By the way did Matt tell you my news??


Yes James. Big Congrats. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut in class!!

Ok gakami: You are mounted and still in low mount because he is blocking your knees with his elbows tight to keep you from sliding up on him. He is defending with his forearms against his chest pointed toward his chin ready to defend a choke. There is often enough space to lean forward slightly and slide one of your hands (almost up to your elbow)under his wrist on the same side. Then, you have the leverage to bring his forearm across his body (circle your torso and lean back) and open up his arm while blocking his tricep with your thigh. Let me know is this makes sense to you.

Are you going to be training tomorrow? I want you to run me through that armbar if you don't care.


I'll have to get with you Tuesday.

A perfect setup for this would be to threaten a collar choke and slide under his wrist with the other hand when he starts to defend.

Would you call this the S-Mount?

ttt 4 easy armbars

" Would you call this the S-Mount?"

As I understand the S-mount, there are similarities while this armbar is in motion. But, it starts from a regular low mount and the guy stays flat on his back usually. Also, the leg that goes forward first crosses over the face and hooks the head instead of wraping under the head.

I'll try to load some pics late tuesday night. That will be my first opportunity.

gaittec - thanks, the second explanation makes more sense to me.

It's usually the big(ger) guys who present this problem, will give it a go
if I come across it in the future. Thanks :)

Pics would be great. I'm having a bit of a hard time visualizing this move.

I tried this last night on my dummy, and had problems bringing my foot in front of his face. I'm probably not understanding your description right.

Where exactly should one put their bodyweight on the opponent while hooking their head?

Ryan, I bet you wern't leaning back far enough and posting

I finally got the pics and loaded them:

You can cut and paste this URL, or maybe someone would be kind enough to post it in this thread.

By the way, this works great from side mount as well.

I can't get that link to work.


I get it now! Thanks for providing the pictures.

Andrew, thanks for the link.


pretty cool Mike

Thanks JKD, I'm going to be putting some techniques up on the school website and I'll link them here to let guys check them out. Matt and John have a new footlock setup to show soon and some unreal back escapes I've never seen before.