Armlock from guard question..HELP

Hi all! When I have my partner in my guard and am going for armbar (jujigatame.)I get the arm, everything is locked but he always has time to cross his arms and stack me. What can be done to counter? I usually sweep (flower) but I would like to learn to finish from the guard........Thanks for your help!!
partner and I have the same height (6'),but he is 100lbs heavier than me.

You have to keep his wrist pinned to your chest as you go for the armbar. You may be griiping too high up on his arm, which allows him to bend it and cross them.

when he tries to stand under hook his leg & sweep him that way, if you keep your grips tight you'll still have the armbar.

you want to hook the opposite leg of the arm you have traped.

its all in the timing and setups you use, unfortanitly it takes alot of drilling and even more important. mat time................

I think everything everyone said is good advise.

Also, I would add that you want to grip hime with your legs and bring your heels tight on his back. Sometimes people do the armlcok wimply with their legs together. If you bend your knees and keep pressure on his back, it will be harder for him to straighten up and stack you.

Like ikickedem stated...much of it is in the timing.

??? Uh, i think i can help. let me see if i can post yet.

Bro, if the guy is heavy, dont let him stack you. Easy to say right? If his crosses his arms and puts the weight down you have 3 choices, sweep him to his back by underhooking his leg with a free arm, go belly down, or switch to the other arm (if you are experienced enough to figure out how to change to the other arm. Realistically, what I do is push him away with my legs (i hold the with one arm on his arm and one under for sweep) i get him to push into me and then i shrink my knees to myself and bounce him to a sweep, if he bases on the sweep i straighten his arm, when he wants to shrink to stack i resist, then i relax my knees again and sweep him for the tap. Its a push / pull game. I am brown belt and I have been tapping people with that move for almost 9 years. No BS. Hope it helps. DONT LET HIM STACK you.

Simple... This will be hard to explain in words, but I'll try. He will likely have his weight on you with his arms clasped together. Your legs will probably be somewhere around your head, or at least your knees. Spin out to the side of which the arm you have is on, onto your stomach, taking the arm with you. You will be now face down, with an arm and all the leverage you need. This should break the grip also. This takes some flexibility, but there are drills you can do to practice it and develop this.

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Let's say you attack the right arm, that means you have to twist your hips to your left. On the same time, provided you have good grips on the arm, you have to bring your right leg up, cutting with your calf under under his left armpit. This is crucial to get the armlock, maybe that's why you get stacked. Once you set this up, bring your left leg over his head and point both heels to the ground. The armlock should now be on.
Hopefully that helps.

Another sweep.

Even though this isn't a problem solver it's another option.

Say your attacking his R arm. As he comes into stack you grab the outside of his L arm arond the elbow with your L hand. Now take your R hand underneath him to his opposite hip. Use that hand to pull yourself underneath him completely to the other side which is another varation to the the flower sweep.

Later, Brad

Here's three ways that I can think of that are a little different approach: #1-While holding his head down to prevent space grab a wrist or control his thumb and spin into the armbar while still controling his head this is a way to force the armbar while still defendind strikes.
#2-From the holding head down position wrap up an arm once youve done this crossface with your hand that is holding his head as you scoot your hips out ,this allows you to go for an omaplata but alot of times you will get a belly down armbar because they straighten there arm.
#3-while controlling both wrists place your leg on his shoulder do a slight pivid with your body which allows your other leg to go on his other shoulder now cross your feet and you will have a double armbar,usaully if the double doesnt work then you will at least get one arm,sweep, or triangle.
in #2 there is no way for him to stack you ever but he may roll so be ready to mount him as soon as he is done or just grab his hip to prevent the roll you will also find that there is a wristlock and a toehold if you dont get the armbar