Armlok:Mission Accomplished


Was about 150lbs and the antlers was about 18".  Not the Biggest one I caught but not the smallest one either.  Was a Bitch packing this thing through the kiawes about halfway between Lapaiki and Awalua about 3 miles.  Glad I brought my .44mag Ruger.  The .270 didnt cut it on Saturday so I went in the bush on sunday witht he .44mag.  Watch out bro lots of noob hunters out there.  I got shot at like 2 fucken times.  Was ready to take off my Safety Orange and go Rambo on some fools lol.  I know you like to stay by the road and you should try 4 pines area above Road 5.  Shit load of deer there but also a shitload of guys.  My bro and cousin hit 1 each there on Saturday morning and drove the truck right up to it.  No need walk lol.



now that's HAWT!

beware of teeths

Da teet kinda too close to your da kine. Tell Mr. antler to back off a wee bit.;)

 nice head! :-) 



welcome to the HG brooselee!

Thanks FCTV808.

eh wheres this?

and you got shot at 2 times??!!! how the hell? they just heard rustling and blasted?


So you was to the right of Awalua rd (facing makai)???

So far it looks like I "talked the guys into going's the road down that side???

Planning on about 3/4 mile past GoG and walking 2 miles down and cut back to the road acroos the ravine, between Puumaiekahi Gulch and Awalua rd.Hope the vehicle makes it down at least to 1/2 mi above shore.

If that don't pan out for us I want to try getting dropped next to Paliamano and humping back toward Keone where my friends going hunt.


 Awalua road is fine.  Looks like the bulldozed it before the season because it goes all the way down to the ocean and like a few miles towards Lapaiki.  Its a little bumpy just before the treeline but after that its fine.  As for getting shot at the first one was on Saturday while I was set up across the ridge from another guy.  Deer comes running up between the 2 of us, I could've took a shot but knew the guy was directly across from me.  When I turn to look at the guy I see he has his gun up taking aim so I dropped down and took cover.  The shot was close but not as bad as the 2nd time on Sunday.  While packing the deer out through the bush some dumb fuck takes a shot at me thinking im the fucken Deer.  I dont know how he didnt see the bright fucken orange ribbons wrapped around the antlers and the bright orange vest I had the deer wrapped in.  I mean the damn thing looked like a fucken decorated Chrismas tree.  Bullet went zipping just in front of me.  I dropped the deer and was looking around yelling at the same time loading my rifle.  The guy was yelling sorry back but I was already pissed off and tired.  Met up with him about 3 hours later while I was hanging out at the truck waiting for the rest of our group.  I asked him wtf he was doing and did he not see the deer wrapped in bright fucken orange.  He said he did after he took the shot.  By then I was too tired to even argue and we ended up having a beer while I explained to him that Bright Orange meand DO NOT FUCKEN SHOOT!  BTW Armlok they gonna be putting windmills up from Kaena to Lapaiki and you gonna see a few transmiter towers up.  If you go down to the Awalua tower and head a few 100 yards parallel to it you can catch a lot of deer running out if you got someone in the kiawes pushing for you.  I seen some big bastards down inside the kiawes but couldnt get any good shots off.  28-33 inchers at least 200+lbs.  Good luck getting that shit out without quartering or halfing it though lol.  The 150 pounder was a bitch bringing out whole through all the bush.  Oh one more thing Armlok, you guys got good chance.  Lots of deer and the last couple weeks only about 20% success rate.  Mostly Unit 1 though, not too many from Unit 2 but the ones coming out of unit 2 are BIG.



flashbacks of opening days at Polipoli...POW!POW....drop and roll while yelling "FAKA!"

"SORRYeee" (as asshole runns off into brush)

Shoots, I goin Awalua side. Unit 1 on Sun. Thanks for the intel!

packs more engineering tape and another orange vest, florescent fuzzy dice, road flares and old CDs to decorate deer.

i believe they shoot at you on purpose. i would make a terrible hunter.

*mIsses Guam & illegal hunting


150+?!!? I better be getting more than one piece jerkey next time!!!! Please!!!!!!

 Was it his "special deer" that it looked like you were tagging and that is why he shot?  Maybe he was jealous. 

 Hard to nail Deer Mike.  Assholes to high and the fuckers run too fast.

You do'em fresh killed...still twitch, warm and wet. No smell, no run and most importantly, no kick in the balls.

At least that's what I heard