Army members ? Warrior Ethos

With the Army's new Combatives manual 90% based on mixed martial arts and the new Warrior Ethos introduced to soldiers: a) I will always place the mission first b) I will never accept defeat c) I will never quit and d) I will never leave a fallen comrade what do Army members of this site think of the direction we're taking the Army.


Major Bob

Get rid of the democrats and go back to what the Army was commissioned to do...which is being warriors and it will be great. Continue to allow the weak willed pacifist in positions of power, where they will continue to undermine the importance of the Special Operations community (Rangers beret becomes the army of one BS) and we wont have warriors, but women.


Sir the words are DEAD ON. That is what should be instilled in every soldiers mind from the get go, and it is not. The problem is that a good portion of our Army I would say 40% has caught vaginitis. I have every right to say this since I have witnessed many cowards here in Iraq. I am not saying its the new soldiers either. Many of these people are Commissioned and Non-Comm's. It is sad and it seriously hurts. Our Senior Leadership has failed the Army and all it's Soldiers by emphasizing the fact that they should be technicians first instead of Warriors. It is very sad but here in Taji. I was repremanded by my battalion commander for training BJJ at the gym we have with some of the employees of Black Water Tactical Co. I was told that it was to dangerous and not needed in COmbat. It is attitudes like this that leave Soldiers in jeopordy. A prime example is Jessica Lynch her company leaderships incompetence to read a map and how do deal with ambushes cost them dearly. Why because all that unit did for combat training was qualify on their weapon. Sorry for the long bitch session but hey this is what I see here in Iraq daily

I was at Al Asad last month and there was a JJ Machado brown belt giving combatives classes three times a week there. I love to roll and all but I'm not sure jiu jitsu, or GFT as the Army calls it, is the best combatives style for the army. I trained LINES for a bit in the Q course and thought that it was a bit over the top for self defense or street fighting but better suited for combatives. Anybody else train LINES? Jarheads?

I agree with Chiggidychops.

Hey chiggidychops, are you a friend of Phil (Gracie bjj austin)?

I am currently here in Balad, Iraq/Camp Anaconda. I train MMA, but there is no place to train at. I recently recieved some of my mma training equipment, and if any on the UG happens to be here on anaconda, hit me up so we can roll and train together.